2017 Ithaca MobilePack (1,404 Boxes Packed!)
We met our goal of packing 303,264 meals! This included the 2 millionth meal packed here in Ithaca!  Over 1400 volunteers came together from all areas of the Ithaca community to achieve this goal. 

What you can do:

  • Consider a Business sponsorship or team building at the packing event.
  • Reach into your heart and pocketbook and donate $500 and  feed 2272 children!  $100 and feed 454 (Send $ to Ithaca Mobile Pack, PO Box 265, Ithaca 14851)
  • Have the most fun you can have in a hair net for 90 minutes of packing and team building with friends and colleagues.
  • Learn more about the event at or
  • Promote the event by word of mouth, coming to and/or helping at fund raising events.
  • Sign up to come and pack at


There are two methods of donating to Ithaca Mobile Pack. First is to donate by check to the Ithaca Mobile Pack. The second option is to donate directly to the Ithaca Mobile Pack through PayPal. Please note by using the second option a small handling fee will be deducted by PayPal for the transaction.  No transaction fees will occur when donating by check through the mail.

Donate By Check

Please make all checks out to the Ithaca MobilePack FMSC. Checks may be mailed to the following location: Ithaca MobilePack FMSC PO Box 265 Ithaca NY, 14851

Donate Online

Online donations using PayPal  go directly to the Ithaca Mobilepack



Donate to feed a child or a family

  • $8,030 Feed a Village of 100 for a Year
  • $1,485 Feed 25 School Children for a Year
  • $400 Feed a Family of 5 for a Year
  • $220 Provides 1,000 Meals
  • $80 Feed a Child for a Year
  • $50 Pays for a full box of MannaPack Rice (216 meals)
  • $33 Feed 5 Children for a Month