About Us

The Ithaca MobilePack story

In 2009 an adoptive mom from Ithaca, with a heart to repay those who had fed her Haitian children before she adopted them, suggested that people here could make a life-saving difference for children across the world. That initial suggestion has moved children and churches, synagogues and students, business and Boy Scouts, fraternities and families, and individual benevolent hearted Ithacans to devote 2 hours of their time, and/or some of their money to feed 3657 children for a year. In 7 years 8,722 Ithacan volunteers have packed 1,954,347 meals. They have packed and palleted thousands of scoops of vitamins, veggies, soy, and rice into healthy 6-meal packets to be shared with children in Haiti, Guatemala, Mexico, Liberia and other countries. We coined the phrase "Ithaca Is Generous" and have helped our community live up to that noble description!


Feed My Starving Children

  • Feed My Starving Children is a Christian organization which welcomes any and all people to help, so that any and all people might eat.
  • 100% of your donations given directly to the IthacaMobile Pack goes to the food we pack (Except donations through “GoFundMe.com” which takes 8% commission).
  • FMSC is a 4-Star Charity (highest rating - scoring 99/100 for financial effectiveness and transparency) according to Charity Navigator.  Slowly… a few people has grown into… thousands of Ithacans making the whole world, and our little corner of it, a “livelier” and lovelier place.
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